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Achieve an A+ rating when you switch to our hosting service and experience the best guaranteed SSL/TLS deployment practices out of the box.

The Ultimate Cloud Hosting Solution

Trustico® offers a range of scalable cost efficient hosting options that use a cloud hosting platform. We can provide servers in most regions around the world, including Australia, West Coast, Central and East Coast USA, as well as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Milan and Paris in Europe, India, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, Singapore and Tokyo.

Our hosting options cater for various platforms and operating systems, including Windows and Linux. For our more demanding customers - complex services, custom volume and negotiated bandwidth requirements can be requested and implimented on a case by case basis. As standard with all of our plans, we have a dedicated team of hosting specialists ready to provide priority support via telephone, live chat and e-mail.

Our hosting service is exceptionally reliable, with super fast access and data transfer speeds. All Trustico® hosting accounts include DNS and FTP access and a comprehensive control panel which allows the management of e-mail accounts and database services. Our systems fully support customers that require multiple domains and sub-domains.

Get 6 Months Free Hosting

Switch to Trustico® or start your new online business today and get 6 months free website hosting when you sign up to our yearly plan. If it’s all a bit too technical, don’t worry, we do all the hard work behind the scenes and ensure your website is secured and always accessible online.

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A+ Rating SSL Configured Server Hosting

The testing service offered by Qualys® Labs performs an incredibly thorough evaluation of the SSL configuration of your server and hosting account. It's a great indication to whether or not you're doing SSL right and also shows how seriously a hosting provider takes transport layer security.

Achieving an A+ rating is the highest possible score. The scan factors in many different configurable aspects of SSL implementation and server security.

One of the greatest features of our hosting service is that your website will automatically receive an A+ Qualys® rating. That’s great because it means your search engine ranking won’t be affected because of server vulnerabilities and exploits.

To get the current rating of your website please Contact Us and let us know, we’ll perform a free scan and let you know if your website is adequately secured with your current provider.

Hosting Packages & Plans Pay Monthly Pay Yearly Order Hosting
Standard Hosting Package 16.00 € 160.00 € Order
Business Hosting Package 24.00 € 240.00 € Order
Enterprise Hosting Package 47.00 € 470.00 € Order

We really want your business, use the coupon code TWS-DISC6 when placing your order to get 6 months free hosting when you sign up to any of our annual plans. Be quick, this offer is only available for a limited time.

Trustico® Hosting Package Comparison

Each of our hosting packages has it's own unique features and benefits. We've got many options to choose from, check out the comparison below and choose the right hosting package for your needs.

  Standard Hosting Package Business Hosting Package Enterprise Hosting Package
Hosted Domains 2 10 20
Monthly Price 16.00 € 24.00 € 47.00 €
Annual Price 160.00 € 240.00 € 470.00 €
Disk Space 1 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth 10 GB 100 GB 200 GB
E-Mail Accounts 10 100 200
MySQL & Microsoft SQL
2 10 20
Automated Daily Backup Included Included Included
Website Statistics AWStats &
AWStats &
AWStats &
E-Mail Aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Web Based E-Mail Included Included Included
Junk E-Mail Protection Included Included Included
Quick Install Apps 200+
Instantly Available
Instantly Available
Instantly Available
A+ Rated Hosting Qualys® Corporate Logo Qualys® Corporate Logo Qualys® Corporate Logo
Priority Support Telephone
E-Mail & Live Chat
E-Mail & Live Chat
E-Mail & Live Chat
Order Online Order Order Order
Setup Speed Usually Within Minutes Usually Within Minutes Usually Within Minutes

If you're not sure which hosting package to choose please call 06 9480 5170 or visit our Contact Us page to speak with us via live chat and e-mail. There's no risk when purchasing your new SSL Certificate right now via the Trustico® website.